Shanghai Entrepreneur Association (SEA) Meets with African Consul-Generals in Shanghai, P. R. China, 15th October, 2018

Hon. Anderson N. Madubike making a presentation on the investment climate and incentives put in place by the Government of Nigeria Hon. Anderson N. Madubike in a group photograph with the Consul-Generals of Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa as well as two leaders of the Shanghai Enterprenual Association Hon. Anderson N. Madubike in a group photograph together with three (3) other African Consul-Generals in Shanghai, joined by a cross-section of members of the Shanghai Enterprenual Association.

In furtherance of Mission’s mandate, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai, Hon Anderson N. Madubike with his other African counterparts from Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa attended a one-day event hosted by the Shanghai Entrepreneur Association (SEA). In his presentation on “Why invest in Nigeria”, Hon. Madubike highlighted the investment opportunities in Nigeria and also itemized various solid minerals that are located in the 36 states of the country. He also shared with the participants various efforts the Federal Government is making to diversify the Nigeria hitherto monolithic economy to other lucrative sectors like solid minerals, manufacturing, mining, infrastructure etc.